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... year old. My daughter has severe asthma and it took about 9 months to get it under control somewhat and we still work hard every day to keep it that way. ... (266 replies)
... Please help. My four year old daughter has been diagnosed with asthma since she was a year old. ... (9 replies)
... year old are on Singulair and I've not noticed any problems. I give it to them at night before they go to bed. ... (266 replies)

... Her allergist wants her to start allergy shots in another year or so. ... (2 replies)
... year old has acid reflux and probably not asthma at all. ... (9 replies)
... et me say that you all are great mothers. It is clear that you are doing everything you can to help your children and to keep them healthy. I've found with my 2 year old, that doctors don't always listen when they should or take you seriously. As a mother, we know when something isn't right with our kids. ... (266 replies)
... Hi, Reading what you had to say sounded familar!! The waking at night etc.. I'm a mother of 4 boys, and my 4 yr old (soon to be 5) was diagnosed at 2 yrs of age with Asthma. Only difference is that he coughs and coughs til he gags and/or throws up. Wheezing isn't always present. He can't talk at this time either. He also grinds his teeth, has a rough time with bowel... (266 replies)
... I have a two year old with asthma, and it is hard for her to communicate when she is having chest tightness. ... (2 replies)
... my son has had his pneumonia vaccines not produce antibodies to protect him from the bacteria. He has had 4 prevnar and 1 pnuemovax and none of them worked. ... (266 replies)
Wheezy 3 year old
Jul 23, 2010
... I had one daughter who was diagnosed with asthma at under a year because everytime she got a cold she wheezed. I took her off dairy when she was about 2 and she never had another asthma attack again. ... (8 replies)
... I went through many of the same things that you did with my daughter. Her asthma is well controlled now, and in fact her visits to her asthma doctor for the last year have only been to refill her medications. I never thought I'd see the day. ... (266 replies)
... My 7 year old son was diagnosed with asthma when he was about 9 months old. He's only had 1 acute exacerbation since then that was bad enough that we had to go to the ER. He's been fairly well controlled. ... (3 replies)
... My 4 year old seems to get really "grunty" sounding, like she breathes in just fine but make lots of loud "ahhhhh" sounds breathing out and the Dr. says its asthma. ... (7 replies)
... has asthma. We have had tremendous difficulty with her asthma here in OKC. She was hospitalized at the age of 18 months old in the PICU one step away from life support and diagnosed at the age of 2. ... (3 replies)
... I hate to say this, but you really should see a pediatric pulmonologist before you put him on Advair. It's not that unusual for kids to have slight wheezing, and diagnosing asthma in a 4-year old is difficult (because they often don't have the motor skill coordination required for a lung function test). Not everyone coughs (like you do) when they have an asthma attack, but... (4 replies)
... moderate asthma and severe allergies all my life. ... (2 replies)
... I am so glad you are still on and I thank you for all the help now and from the past. My little girl is going to be 4 next month and don't even know what it feels like to be healthy. ... (266 replies)
... weeks. She had two hospital admissions also. Once for severe asthma and the second this year for her uncontrolled asthma and pnumonia. ... (266 replies)
... Last fall, in October, I was diagnosed with severe asthma when I got a cold that turned into me having a full blown asthma attack, in the doctors office every other day, given breathing treatments, ect. until they finally found a combination of meds that worked. ... (5 replies)
... Great, I will try getting her appt. moved up with the pulmonologist. We had a really ruff night last night. I found out the new asthma specialist has no emergency number. I was panicing last night. I called her reg doctor. ... (266 replies)

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