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Hi Howitt44,

Thanks for your reply.

Your peak flows are great. It sounds like you started your meds/treatment for your asthma symptoms right away before they got out of hand and caused permanent airway remodeling (lung damage/permant reduced lung capacity)

I guess I justed wanted to see had bad mine was as compared to others.

My pulmonary doctor sees patients mostly that are on oxygen tanks and/or elderly so I dont think he takes my condition as seriously.
I believe he should because if this condition is not treated properly I could end up like all his other worst case scenario patients.
He doesn't have asthma so I dont expect him to relate but I do expect him to care, educate his patients, provide info, alternatives, etc.

I believe I waited too long myself to receive proper treatment
(anti-inflammatory/xolair/etc) & thats why I can never get a high peak flow that I should be getting.

In the beginning for the first year I was just self treating myself w/Bendryl antihistamine figuring the symptoms would go away & my body would eventally adjust to the cats/mold/and other allergy triggers.

As it progressed to breathing problems I self treated myself with Primatene Mist.

Over a year of this had past & now the Primatene mist & Benedryl stopped working and I than sought medical attention where I received Albuterol (rescue bronchodilator), Advair(anti-inflammatory & Long acting bronchodilator), and Singulair (reduces allergy response).

Even though asthma symptoms are reversable by meds.
It looks like you cant reverse the airway remodeling (scar/lung damage/reduced capacity) thats caused by the chronic asthma not properly treated on time.

I guess I am one of those Primatene Mist Casualties (treating myself with this over the counter med for a year) instead of seeking medical attention right away.

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