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I was diagnosed as having asthma about 18 months ago. I have taken many, many tests..PFT (2), PST (2), Methacholine Challenge (1), oximeter thing on my finger and a few others. I rarely wheeze or cough. My peakflowmeter is usually 500-550. Worst score was about 250 when I was really sick with a flu bug.

I just walked out my front door to speak to a friend and was gagging for air within two minutes. I came back in and used my nebulizer. Then I put my respirator (painter's respirator mask) on, it has two 3M HEPA filters on it and went outside for about twenty minutes. I was fine.

I have been prescribed 12-16 meds. I am not any better and I am not really much worse. I apologize for whining, but I am frustrated.

My first two pulmonary doctors gave up and went me to another doctor. I have had about a half dozen severe asthma attacks where I should have went to the ER, but I used my nebulizer with Albuterol Sulphate and 40mg of Prednisone to pull me out of it.

My last attack was in Anacortes, WA and the wife was dialing 911 when I had an idea (after I took 40mg of prednisone), I used my Respironics Auto Bipap machine to help me breathe and it did. I laid down, put the mask on and it seemed to cure it. I have sleep apnea too.

Prednisone is really the only thing that consistently rescues me. 40mg the first day and 20mg for ten days.

I asked one doctor what was wrong with me and he honestly he didn't know, but he thinks my auto immune system is over active and rejecting the air around me. The prednisone shrinks the swollen avioli or something like that.

All I know for sure is that Prednisone rescues me every time.

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