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Are you feeling sick in any other way? Sometimes when I have a cold and/or sinus infection my asthma flares up. You really should not wait to see your doctor though. It sounds to me like you have something around you all the time allergy like that is causing you to have these constant flare ups. I used to have someone at my work that liked to wear perfume that bothered my lungs/asthma. Because it was constantly going int my system nonstop the albuterol didn't seem to be working, or at least not long. Have you been tested for allergies? You sound like you need to be on a prevenative inhailer such as advair. I used to hate taking this kind of stuff and although I said my asthma was under control it really was not. I now have taken Advair & singulair for the past 8 months or so. Today my inhailer ran out and when I called in the prescription I realized I had not filled it since JANUARY! I used to fill it every month. So itf you are being constantly bothered it would probably be worth it to take a daily inhiler like Advair diskus.

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