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[QUOTE=dazedandconfused10]after about a year of chronic coughing I went in and had a metha choline challenge where if you have asthma it can bring on an attack, that might be what they mean. But the cough was the main clue. I'm not sure I've ever really heard wheezing but definitely poor air quality, humidiyt. The cough I was told was bronchial spasms. I didn't realize I had sob , thought I just needed to exercise more and was out of shape. And now when I get sick espeically if it moves to my chest I'm in trouble . I'm sick with something else and I'm having chest pain and a sense of shallow breathing (which I was told will make you tired). From what I know it does not cause thrush but alot of the prevenative inhalers can if you don't rinse adequately, clean the cup, brush your teeth and some people are just more sensitive. Are you taking anything, you should probably do that test and find out what you are really dealing with. I'm starting to wonder if it makes you prone to getting sick more often, going to post a question.[/QUOTE]

i had the same problem last week~ i usually feel liek i need to cough when my chest gets tighter, but when i was sick just last week witah fluelike bug tahts been going around here, all week, especially in the early morning and early evening for some reason, i felt like i was having astham attacks but i wasnt even coughing, and my chest hurt too, so i didnt try useing the primatin mist.

ive been trying to get my asthma tested for -years-, sense i was like 10 or 12, but my docter claims he "cant do anything unless he sees mehaving an attack" .. ive also been trying to get a new docter for two years now. im under 18 so i cant make anything happen myself, my parents need to stop procrastinating. id take any test they want to give me if someone would.

i have fibromyalgia, i alreayd know that, i just assumed it was hwy i got sick so often, but the asthma might be part of it

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