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hi dazedandconfused10
he is on medication for his anemia he is on iron its a medicane form its called (sytron elixir ) , thanks for your reply i was just worried why they was so conserned that he was under height, i suppose know iv talked to you and you had the same problem as me with your son being little has made me feel a little better, i do hope he will be okay, but like u said asthma is worse than him being little, i guess some people dont look at the worse and just take notice of the littlest things, with his asthma dont get me wrong it does scare me the thought of him having it cause there has been nights when he was to he would wake gasping for air, he doesnt have any of this wheezing of the chests he has coughing fits, but know its gettin easier cause i can tell the coughs apart, such as if he got a cold his coughs are different but if its his asthma they seem dry coughs and its like he inhales more breath before he coughs,
hope to hear back off u
hi welshgirl,
I also meant to say the reason I'm on this board as I was recently diagnosed with asthma, my son does not have it and he is small. I have it . When his pediatrician checked his height she waited 6 months, I'm not sure if they expect him to grow that much in 6 weeks unless he is so close. I don't wheeze either, and I don't even realize I'm having trouble getting enough air, I just get exhausted , dizzy, and notice chest pain. I get the coughing fits. Before I was diagnosed, it was like a dry cough, they put me on advair and 4 days later after coughing for like a year it went away!!!!!!!!! Then I got my next cold/resp thing and it was amazing how much trouble I had breathing. A dr on call gave me a rescue inhaler which I barely used after that first time until last week when I got something else respiratory and for several days I was working hard to breathe. I'm sure its harder when they are little because I use a peak flow monitor to help measure where I'm at and that's probably hard to explain at his age. Glad he is on an iron supplement because that can also affect oxygen in blood if anemic so I would think they would watch that too. Keep me posted-really !:wave:
hi dazedandconfused,
im sorry to hear you got asthma, i do hope things will improve for you, my son (cory) is know 3 and will be starting school wednesday full day i am so dreading it as if he runs around he has coughing fits, i got to take his pump to school with him, when he first had asthma they kept saying to me no its just chest infections and it went on for weeks i would keep taking him back but they put it down to chest infections, i noticed he was not right when he would walk from my house to the end of the street which is most prob a 3 minute walk he would cough but it was a dry cough, he couldnt walk far without coughing, so i kept taking him to the doctors and at first they just told me it was active asthma meaning it would only happen when he walked or played, but within a month his symptons were still there, so they gave me a brown pump(known as a preventer) it helped him so much, the only prob know is he has got a cold and his nose is bunged up and his asthma is playing him again, he is having the same dry coughs again, and its so hard to no when his chest is hurting as he wont tell me, i thought he would have grown out of it by know as he has had it for at least 2years,
my next oppiontment with the nurse is october the 12th, i thought the same thinking he wont grow much in a couple of weeks,
can i ask what is a peak flow monitor,
thats all my son got is two pumps blue one(salamol cfc-free inhaler - reliever) a brown pump-(beclazone 50-which is a preventer) and he has got a spacer as he cant take the pumps oraly,
im sorry if i have bragged on about this , no one i know has asthma so its hard to talk about it to family members when they aint as sure about it as me
when they first diagnosed my son with asthma they never explained to me what asthma is or what it can do to him, do u think that they didnt tell me cause of my as im only 20
hope to hear off u again

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