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Thank you both for your replies, i find where i get lost is just 'how' do you know what is the Asthma. I am experienced with asthma as my youngest suffered with it for 7 yrs, and my eldest is still asthmatic and has had it for 8 yrs. I can recognise their asthma attacks straight away but i cannot my own. I do not get any tight chest or anything, it is only that i cannot stop coughing at night and sometimes in the day but not all day and not all night, some days/nights are better than others. If i am having the type of coughing fit where i cough and cough until i am nearly sick then i will get this whezzy/cackling throat/chest afterwards, is this an asthma attack. Is a coughing fit and asthma attack??????? I also do not get any heart burn nor indigestion at all, just coughing fits!!!! I did notice today that after my husband had sprayed some new deodrant we had bought, i found i felt a sort of choking feeling in my throat/chest, it was not very nice, is this asthma???
I am sooooo confused witht this all. I cant wait until i go back to the dr next Monday., to ask more questions and find out what the results of my Spirometry test was. I am now using the Asthma inhaler the dr gave me but feel a bit of a fraud as i am not sure if it is asthma i have.

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