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My wife went to her Pulonary Doctor today and complained about some medication side-effects she was having.

The Doctor took her off of Singulair and an Atrovent Inhaler but gave a 24 day supply of Spiriva- Handihaler an inhalation powder--- and to continue her QVAR inhaler.

My question is -- Has anyone used Spiriiva --Inhalation powder and what was their experience?

I have used spiriva. I had terrific results with it too. I have emphysema from smoking for many years. I stopped taking it, because I started excersicing and felt that my breathing had improved enough to come off of it. I was right, it had. I feel it's a great drug. I quit smoking 4 yrs ago.

Thank you for your Responce!!
I've been using Spiriva since 2001 - before it was approved in the US in 2004. It is the one medication I would never be without. Sometimes it takes a while for it to become effective, but in most cases it does wonders for those suffering from COPD. It is actually a big brother to Atrovent and used once a day instead of the 4 times a day that Atrovent requires.
Thank you for your message! And-- Welcome to Healthboards!!!

My wife has asthma and used Atrovent once daily along with Qvar and Singulair-- 10 mgm.

You certainly have been using Spiriva a long time. You certainly sound satisfied using it.

I have read that it is mostly used by people with COPD but my wife does not have that. Have you experienced any side-effects?

God Bless~~~Harry
Have had no side effects from it. Other users mention a dry mouth but not to the extent that they'd quit taking it. It has really become the drug of choice for those with breathing problems and the once a day use is certainly a bonus. It is a pricey drug and in my case I'm in the dreaded doughnut hole of the Plan D in Medicare but I consider it well worth the cost. I am also on Singulair and since 2000 have only made one trip to the ER because of shortness of breath. I could have avoided it if my nebulizing Albuterol hadn't expired in 2002 (this was in 2006) since all they did was give me a couple of breathing treatments! I have moderate to severe Emphysema, but consider myself lucky when I go to the Clinic every few months and see many in much worse shape than I am. I do hope your wife does well on it.
Thank you for your responce.

I have been on spiriva for the last year or so because of asthma. It has helped me and I have had no side effects with it and what not. I like it better than my advair and singulair. Well I hope that it works as good for your wife as it does me!
I have been on Spiriva for a while now and it is great. Once a day, is a big change from all the hand inhaulers I was on. My Mom also used it and she done very well it on too. To me, this is a mIracle Drug as some of you have heard that name called before. When you get to where you feel like ou can't breath thats a bad feeling. I was diagnosed with Asthema many years ago and am so glad they cme out with the Spiriva. Hope that everybody else has good results from it also!

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