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Hey Redman,

Sorry about your situation. I too suffer from asthma and allergies. I am 41, first got asthma in 2000 and got worse over the past year, probably due to sick building syndrome. This is a term to describe when a building's structure material and/or ventilation initiate or worsen an illness such as asthma. Along with making me more chronic, my allergies also got worse over the past 3 months. Re: loss of breath...for me once in a while it will be climbing (stairs, the hill to my apartment.)

Keep this in mind: everyone's body chemistry and asthma can be different. A perfect example is a co-worker who also has asthma is not affected by the building's condition. My main trigger is heated/stuffy environments; someone else's could be perfume.

I also am a worrier but I am working on keeping it in check. May I suggest doing the same because anxiety-related asthma is another puppy I am dealing with. In addition to worrying, say about test results, I infrequently get panic episodes pre and post an asthma episode.

The other thing I suggest, actually highly recommend, is be on the asthma like white on rice. Work closely with your pulmonary and/or allergy dr. Do research on the Net; if I had a buck for every time I've been online for asthma in the past 3 months I would be on my 2nd Cadillac :D. I was so surprised in my research to read how many people ignore or place little importance on asthma symptoms until it is too late and they're in the ER. Take your meds as prescribed by the doctor. See if in your area (hospital, a dr) there are asthma programs/research studies. Use this forum and others. Stay positive. If you're religious pray not just for healing but for strength, guidance, and comfort.

All the best,

Not everybody gets broncial spasms, since there are different types and manifestations of asthma. But if you do experiment broncial spasms, it not something you feel, like heard palpatations. Don't worry about that part anyway. Just be concerned with keeping your symptoms under control and contacting your doctor if there's a problem.

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