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I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 2 years old.
I inherited it from my grand father.
In my twenties it slowly but steadily exacerbated.
In the worst period, about three years ago, I was using everything to prevent attacks, including inhaled steroid, nebulizer and sometimes oral steroid.
Believe me, now I'm living an almost drug-free life. I take Pulmicort one puff one or two days a week.

Have you ever read 'Reversing Asthma' by Richard N. Firschein?
This book touches on a number of approaches to treat asthma, ranging from medication to diet, nutritional supplement to breathing technique, exercise to relaxation technique.
I strongly recommend you to read this book.

Apart from the book, I will write about how chaning a lifestyle can improve
Taking maintenance medications is very important, of course.
Staying away from airborne allergens is crucially important.
However, there are more ways to deal with asthma.
In my experience, I think that diets plays the key role in reducing asthma.
Scientific research has shown that there are strong correlations between Standard American Diet and the increasing asthma rate.
Avoiding sugar thoroughly works very well. Fish is better than animal meat.
Vegetables are much recommended , because they are rich in vitamin.
Magnesium deficciency is common among asthmatics.
I take Magnesium supplements every day, but I often eat tofu, which is high in magnesium.
Eat less at night. By doing so you can sleep better.
Become an early lark, rather than a night owl.
Exercise every morning. Don't push yourself too hard.
Walking is a good exercise.
Acupuncture or acupressure are also helpful.
Pushing some points on your hand or foot makes you feel relaxed.
Yoga, Qi-gong or Taichi improve lung functions.
All of them use belly breathing, which helps improve lung conditions.
Herbal therapy is helpful.
Ginger tea helps reduce asthma symptoms. Burdock juice reduces inflammation by cleasing and detoxifying the body.

These are some tips I know. I can't write all my experiences, but one thing is clear: Knowledge is the key in combating your asthma.
Reading books makes you more knowledgable about your chronic conditions.
I don't think that asthma is curable. Even now I sometimes have symptoms, but you can reduce your doses and symptoms by trying some the above mentioned approaches.
Also, read the book which I mentioned. I hope this would help.

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