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My son is 20 months old and is currently on Pulmicort Respules .5mg daily for maintenance and Albuterol as needed for rescue. He gets his nebulizer treatment every day but he has NO problem taking medication. He has chronic bronchitis and pneumonia (as it so goes hand in hand with children w/ asthma so I've found out) so he's always on antibiotics, steroids, or something for his ear infections (or the thrush he always gets because of all the antibiotics).

My son was diagnosed at 6 months old. They didn't initially diagnose as asthma but rather something else (that completely escapes my memory right now). Well once he was hospitalized for a week due to an acute asthma attack at 6 months old they couldn't deny he had it.

He's allergic to cats and smoke (they are his triggers). We haven't found that he's allergic or triggered by anything else, so his asthma isn't entirely allergy based.

I've asked his ped if he could take the Singulair oral granules for children 12 months and up and he said that it is for Allergy based asthma and it wouldn't be as helpful as the Pulmicort. So I'm wondering if anyone else knows of a medicine (oral suspension or even chewable) for a child under the age of 2. We go in for a checkup and to renew his prescription (which was written for 1 year/99 refills...1 year ago today) and I want to go in armed. My son does great and holds the mask himself and everything (we bought him a "dragon" mask) but it would just be so much easier to have a maintenance/preventative med to swallow once a day.

Thanks and sorry this got so long!!

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