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Hello, I've been asthmatic all my life (as long as I can remember). The last few years it has gotten worse. A few days ago, I went to the emergency because of difficulty breathing (it felt as if every breath I was taking was a deep one) and tightness in the chest (but no pain), also it feels as if there was an air bubble under or near my breast bone. There is no pain there more a feeling of discomfort. The doctor chalked all of my symptoms up to environmental changes (our climate here as been varying greatly and he said a long "leaf season") inflammation in my lungs. He placed me on a new corticosteroid inhaler (stronger dosage), as well as giving me a chamber to use and telling me to use my salbutamal 15 minutes prior to taking the new "steroid" puffer to open my lungs up. They said it would take a week or so for me to start feeling the true effects of the puffers, but the "air bubble" feeling subsides when I first take my puffer but later on it comes back and the only way I feel relieve from that is burping and sometimes vomiting. I am just wondering if anyone else has every had any of the symptoms and if so how was it dealt with. The day after the emergency I had to go to the doctors because I was still short of breath and felt as if my throat was closing off, and leg was constantly shaking and they said that i was hyperventilating. Which is probably the cause because this is the worse I have seen my asthma and I am extremely worried any comments would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks!!! :(

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