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I feel for ya. My daughter (who's 18 now) has had asthma all her life. I've been through much of what you're going through now. Trust your motherly instincts. Really. You'll know if he gets to the point where you need to take him to the ER. But if there is any doubt, err on the side of caution and take him in. You can call the ER and explain the symptoms also and they can advise you whether to bring him in or not. If you decide to hold off a bit, and it sounds to me as if you can for right now, here's what I would try. Get some water and boil it. Remove it from the heat, put a towel over his head and lean him over the steam (carefully of course so he doesn't get burned). Let him inhale the steam. A humidifier also helps in a room if you have one. If not, you can also try turning on the shower and let it get hot. The steam will build in the bathroom. Sit on the commode and let him inhale it while you lean him over your lap. Sometimes patting on the back between the shoulder blades will help loosen mucous so he can cough it out. And don't be fooled by the wheezing or lack thereof. Sometimes kids can have a tight chest, so much so that air is barely getting into their lungs so you can't hear any wheezing. Often parents will think, "Ok, he's doing good, no wheezing sounds." But if there is not much air getting into the lungs, there's nothing to produce a wheezing sound! So keep a close eye on that. If his color looks good and he's not turning bluish (check his fingernails too) then he should be ok. Aside from that, if you have any guifenasen (an expectorant) you might try that in order to loosen any congestion. One other thing I used to do with my daughter was to have her take deep breaths. This forced open her airways better then she would cough as a reflex. But that's what I wanted because it would help her cough the mucous up and out, clearing her lungs. Try all these and see if it helps. If not, and you feel it's getting worse, take him in! Good luck!

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