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I too have cough variant asthma. I was diagnosed with it in January 2002, but I think I had it much longer and didn't know what it was. It took me until last April to get it pretty much under control. Unfortunately, every winter, with the cold polluted air that usually sets in I usually get a chronic sinus infection. Between the sinus problems and the cold nasty air, my asthma cough returns. It gets so bad I can't stop; I can't catch my breath; I pull muscles in my stomach and lower back; I sometimes feel like throwing up; and I was exhaused from coughing nonstop. This is what is currently working with me to control the asthma and lessen the severity of the cough:

Daily year-round: Advair 500/50, Singulair (for asthma), Allegra, Flonase, Astelin, Xlear nasal wash, Prevacid (the asthma attacks flair up my acid reflux also--my symptom for the acid problems is also a chronic cough), Albuterol as needed. (I went on the Singulair last year. When it was added to the Advair 500/50, it really made a difference.)

When I start getting congestion: Sudafed and Mucinex

When the sinus infections set in: several rounds of antibiotics and typically Prednisone

With this routine, I went almost 8 months this year without any coughing. This hasn't happened in YEARS.

My doctor won't give me codeine either. Even when I was coughing almost nonstop for FOUR months last year.

My cough started in again several weeks ago and the Prednisone pretty much stopped the cough in its tracks this time. (Unfortunately, I still can't shake the sinus infection.) I am not happy when I have to go on Prednisone because of the side effects, but my doctor monitors me closely and it is an extreme relief to me (and I am sure everyone around me) to be free of the coughing.[/QUOTE]

See I don't usually get the sinus infection. Only once everything other time I've been checked I don't have one. I've taken prednisone before for back issues and the medicine made it hard for me to conentrate, I couldn't function at work. and I can't eat, everythign tastes gross it really doesn't agree with me. I guess I should ask about alternatives to the cough medicines but if I start it earlier when the coughing starts it helps loosen it up and moves it along and I get some rest. the pulmonologist gave me something call asthmanax to use with advair but I don't see any help from that. I too pull all the muscles in my chest and stomach, and sometimes I feel like. I have mucinex at home could try that. I resist taking antibiotics if I don't have too, if I have an infection I will but this covering dr didn't see me and wanted to put me on it. My son took so many antibiotics during a series of repeating ear infections and finally became resistant thats why I hesitate, last cold my peak flow really went down, this time I'm doing good. Maybe I should make a followup visit with my dr.

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