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Yep. I just changed to Asmanex (sp?) from Advair due to side effects that included weight gain (well, really major increase in hunger), joint pain and leg/hip/feet pain. All of these symptoms were confirmed by my doctor/nurse as symptoms of the Advair and quickly changed my meds. They specifically said it was the Serevent causing the side effects. These are documented side effects, btw.

[QUOTE=lindalue;2872531]Anyone having these side effects from either Advair or Serevent?
weitht gain or inability to lose weight
bloated face and belly
pain in legs and feet, joint and muscles
foot/leg cramps
trouble sleeping
back pain
sinus problems
Doc says the drugs are not to blame and wants to schedule tests. I ask about both drugs because I've been on both, Serevent is Advair without the steroid.[/QUOTE]
Thanks so much for the info. I quit the Serevent and cancelled the tests the doc scheduled. Only been 24 hrs. and already feeling better. Will check into the Pulmicort and Asmanex. Thanks again! :o)

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