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Hi all - I was just diagnosed with asthma 2 days ago and am feeling a bit silly and a bit scared (which may be the reason I feel silly).

I am a nursing student (guess where? :wave: ) with a childhood history of secondhand smoke inhalation and repeated bronchitis/pneumonia throughout childhood (I had double pneumonia at age seven). I used to catch every single URI that went around (and I still do). Never had allergy problems. About three weeks ago I had to get off of my treadmill because suddenly I felt very tight in my chest. I didn't think anything about it; I figured it was another cold (like I said, I catch them all the time.) Two weeks ago I went to Student Health because I felt washed up AND because one of my professors said she could hear me wheezing from about a foot away. Well, I didn't think I felt THAT bad, but when I went to see the NP my PEF was 220 (it should be 480 for my height, apparently) and it went up to 310 after a nebulizer. She sent me off on our spring break with Sudafed and an albuterol inhaler. I figured I was fighting another URI. Well, I ended up back in Student Health two days ago because my own mother, who was staying with me, said she could hear me wheezing from about two feet away or so. I had thought about going back to Student Health anyway, but even at my age (33!) you do what Mom says, right? So I went back in and my PEF was 160 (!!!!) and the nurse said she could not hear me exhaling with a steth even though I was practically sucking myself inside out from trying very hard to deep breathe (she let me listen and no, I couldn't hear exhalations either, and I know for a fact you should). I got a PEF up to 280 after more nebulized albuterol (or whatever it was they gave me, heck, ya'll probably know better than me)...

So now I've got Singulair and Pulmicort and a prednisone taper for five days to get rid of the immediate inflammation (which means I want to eat EVERYTHING in sight) and an albuterol inhaler, and with my husband overseas (he just doesn't get it over the phone, you know?) I just wish I was seven again so Mom could tell me I'll be okay....

Sorry I'm "whining"; this is scaring me more than I thought, so I looked for a message board like this just to vent a bit. Thanks for listening.

PS - I'm scared to get back on a treadmill, but I'm going to have to do something or I'll gain a ton on this taper. :D Also, how long before Singulair kicks in? I still feel like I have a knot in my chest (I know it takes a while for this stuff to work) despite the inhaled and systemic steroids.

Also - for the first time in my life, I think someone in my clinical group thinks I've got nursing school hypochondria. Even at my age, when I know immaturity lurks in all ages (this person is, I think, 23), it hurts. I walk pretty fast in the morning to clinical (I'm usually right on the edge of being on time and it's about three city blocks there) and Monday my instructor actually commented that I did NOT look good, that I looked really pale. It was then that I noticed my chest felt really tight. It scared me. This girl made a crack about getting a respiratory therapist (and she was NOT being nice).:p That REALLY should have rolled right off my back, but it didn't. THAT'S silly. :rolleyes: I felt better after a few minutes (and a moment in the bathroom with albuterol, which was beginning to plant certain things in my head) but the comment stung. I'm NOT a hypochondriac.

Sorry, ya'll. I've really needed to get this out and I appreciate your listening.

I'm just a bit scared, I'm by myself, and I feel a bit silly. Thanks for listening.

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