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I know what you mean... I have asthma and have only had weezing 2 times with it. Mine is adult onset asthma which means it started in adult years. It's been a year now, I'm in early 30's. I first had a lung infection, that turned to pneumonia, it was treated, then a couple months later, I woke with my 1st asthma attack.
What you're describing, sounds like mild to moderate asthma which is less severe than really bad asthma but it bothersom for the most part. Like you feel winded often, or out of breath more than what you should be. Allergies & gerd can cause asthma to flair up. I found out that I had both. The gerd (acid reflux) got into my lungs when sleeping and cause all of the lung problems while the allergies made everything else miserable. When, if seen in the near future, do you think you'll get insurance? I did not have it when mine started either and went to ER a few times. They gave me inhaled steroids & albuteral. Albuterol can very well make anxiety go up.. It did for me. I just don't feel it's the best option for anxiety sufferers so I had to switch to xoponex inhaler. xoponex doesn't have the chemical that causes the anxiety/fast heart/jitters which is NOT even needed for opening the airways. What that is in the albuterol that make people jittery like that is from the propellant, so I was told by my dr. Anyway, xoponex doesn't cause this AT ALL. It is more expensive though & that sux big time but if your anxiey can get out of hand like mine, then it beats the antidepressant or benzo's alternative to treat the anxiety which is mainly from the albuterol... Pain in the butt, eh?
Anyway, I did thank GOD get lucky enough to get insurance right around the time this all started.

To make a long story short..... I've tried a ton of different allergy & asthma meds & combos. The only thing that seems to work for me is a combo of azmacort -(inhaled steroid, it's the only 1 that doesn't cause me to get yeast infections in mouth), xoponex -(as needed), and for the fluid feeling, like you can't get your lungs "cleared" I use generic mucinex pills also known as "Guaifenesin". You can get it over the counter without a prescription. There is also "Guaifenesin with phenylephrine HCI". The phenylephrine is for congestion, mainly nasal, but should not be taken regularly from my experience cause it can raise blood pressure. The good thing is, say if you're having a stuffy nose tonight, you can take the guaifenesin/phenylephrine mix for it to get you through a tough "stuff" time. The generic guaifenesin pills come in 400mg mostly so I break one in 1/2 to get 600mg's every 4 hours, as/if you need it. My allergy & asthma doctor told me to take 600mg up to 2400 mg's of guaifenesin a day to loosen phlegm & mucus. It takes the last bit of edge off for me... You know? When you've taken all the correct meds but there's still just a little there still making it tough... It's been great for me.
By the way.... I have had every test on earth and found I am allergic to a LOT of indoor and outdoor stuff... After all this testing though... I'm on the meds I figured I needed in the first place so I didn't really need the insurance "for the proof/tests/etc".. I could have just skipped it and got the meds. One thing's for sure.... Don't waste your money going to walk in or urgent care clinics (unless you're have an emergency and need to) the reason I say this is because I only had a tiny bit of money which I would waste on going to these walk in places. They just made me out to be crazy, told me it was all in m head, made my medical record look bad which made it hard for me to get insurance, etc.. and I still did not get properly treated. It was costing between $45.00 to $120.00 to go to these places each time just for the visit plus what ever the meds would cost after I left... If I would have just gotten a PCP (primary care dr/family dr) it would have ended up costing about the same for the visits except they are WAY quicker to write your prescriptions for up to "3 months" at a time than walk in clinics and random dr's who mostly give you a couple weeks samples or 1 month prescriptions. Which means I would have saved money back then only having to go every 2 or 3 months to the doctor... uggggg....
Wishing you luck!
Let us know if you have any more questions....

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