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I don't think waiting until she can leave home is a good idea. Thousands of people die every year from asthma attacks. Even one attack can kill.

My husband, who's been asthmatic for over 50 years, says the problem isn't breathing in, it's breathing out. You can't push enough air out of your lungs so you can't take any more air in. There is often a specific type of cough with asthmatics and that is the first symptom for some people. There is often a wheezing sound associated with an attack but it's different for everyone.

But she needs a doctor. Like now. Asthma isn't something that should be diagnosed or treated online, even with the knowledge and experience of the wonderful people on these boards.

The next time she has an attack take her to your nearest public hospital ER. Or the nearest free clinic. Wait. And keep waiting. And keep asking for help. And don't let her leave without seeing a doctor. Seriously.

Also, PTSD can definitely be caused by abuse. The abuse of a child has far reaching consequences. It can cause all kinds of mental and physical symptoms. It sounds to me like she needs help on that front as well. No one should be forced to live in an abusive home. There is just no excuse I can think of for abusing a child. None.

She needs to see a doctor and she needs to be frank and honest with that doctor about ALL her issues. Sometimes the smallest detail can be a clue for a doctor about what is wrong.

In the meantime, tell her to keep a breathing journal. Track when she's coughing, or feels her heart racing, or sneezes a lot, or wheezes, or can't breath well pr whatever her symptoms are. It might give you a clue about her triggers even if it's not asthma.

It's great that she has someone like you in her corner. Keep advocating for her and keep trying to help as best you can.

Good luck!

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