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Yeah, we all have different allergies, and other different medical conditions. As well as different genetics.. so it could be hard to know exactly what food you may need to improve your asthma.. unlike with heart conditions.. its all generally the same diet. Like I also have Celiac, where I cannot absorb my vitamins. So healthy diet sometimes does nothing for me. Makes me worse. And talking pills also does nothing... but eliminating gluten, (which is hard for me to do) allows me to absorb vitamins.

But I really am at my end with this Iím just getting worse and worse, not better and better

asthma, diabetes, seizers and neurological disorders.. and heart problems are the worst things to have. And all need to be controlled with healthy diet. And all need meds as well.. like Just because you have a heart condition, doesnít always mean that is because you ate badly.. but food can really help improve it, and same with exercise. and diabetes, YOU HAVE to eat well and take your meds, with type 1 diabetes, you will die if you only do one, and not the other. almost all of the above, if you have bad enough, eating a healthy diet, can really lesson the symptoms, even give you a longer life. Except asthma? Well why not?

So I think just because of that... Iím tired of going to the doctors and getting stronger meds, I have had asthma for 20 years, and Iím tired of needing to take more and more meds. Iím now at the point where if I have an asthma attack and I take my emergency puffer, after 3 puffís, sometimes 4 and waiting... it does nothing for me. I still canít breath... medicine is losing its power... before I would have an asthma attack, take my puffer, and be well after just one min of taking the meds... it was amazing... but now its just enough to keep me breathing (just barly) to get myself to the hospital.

So Iím going to try it.. I have nothing to lose... what once was an ďasthma attackĒ is now the way I breath normally. Iím very lucky if I can get one day where I donít wheeze all day. Just so people know... just because you take your meds every day, if you still continue with any kind of unhealthy lifestyle. Youíre not going to improve, you many only get worse and worse. So I think your post is very helpful. I think more of us need to see our body as a whole.

no milk products... that will be really really hard for myself... the black tea pom juice sounds yummy i could do that easy... how much do you drink a week? I would drink it once in a blue moon. And walking... I really need to do more of that. It really helps with the heart, and the stronger the heart is, the more O2 you can get circulating your body. My big fear, is if you canít breathe, and you donít get enough O2, because you canít breathe, you organs (tissues) start to die.. after 3 mins of not enough O2, in the body... your tissues start to die. Your brain, thatís the scariest one.. how much of my body is damaged by my asthma? How much of my asthma is worse because of my body? I see the cycle.... Iím gonna try this and see what I can improve. How long were you doing this before you started to see results?
yes, I still don't drink milk, becasue I don't like it, I don't like how it badly affects so many people. to me, that is telling me, milk is bad... even if it doesn't make you feel bad, its still bad. LOL so I stay away from it.

but sometimes I do drink it, and I don't feel any different. but you are right everyone is different. what gives me an asthma attack, are not the same triggers as everyone, we all have different triggers. and we all have different kinds of attacks.

some people it's coughfing, some people panic, some people its pain. some people is a cold feeling. somepeople its just shortness of breath. but the one thing we all have the same, is we have trouble breathing out becasue of the inflamation. some people its many of the above. like myself, its all the above. and becasue there are so many different kinds of attacks, different triggers, different attacks, acute asthma, sports asthma, regular asthma, COPD ect, ect...there are different things that work for one person and not for another.

and that makes it so hard to help eachother. we hear "try this becasue it worked for me." and when we do try it, and it doesn't work, it can be very depressing. I hate asthma so much today. I just wish they found a cure already.

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