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I thought Spiriva was for COPD (Chronic Bronchitis, etc) not Asthma. At least that's what the commericals and their web site say.

Maybe you just need different meds, or a greater variety. I'm on 6 for asthma, *plus* rescuer!:)
I think spriva is for copd but it often works for people with asthma. I am on a steroid inhaler as well. I have asthma and adding spriva for me has been a great thing.
I have asthma and allergies although with all the research that I have done and an uncle who is a doctor/chemist, I have learned that over 90% of asthma triggers are allergy induced. So, if you control the allergies, then the asthma won't act up. But, on the steroid inhalers, I have the Symbicort. I only use it every now and then because I don't know what long term side effects will be using a steroid inhaler. I can hear it now on those ambulance chaser lawyers..."If you or someone you know has taken this steroid inhaler and has caused our office" OR There becomes a recall because of long term use of steroid inhalers can have been found to cause....(whatever the case may be) I don't know. Steroids? Hmmm... I don't know.

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