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Hey all,
I need someone to help me out, because basicly I just don't know enough to figure this out.

Earlier this week I came down with a bad cold, Sneezing, coughing the usual. But on Thursday Morning I awoke with a very unusual symptom, I couldn't raise my voice and I couldn't speak for a longer than a second or two without drawing a breathe. it felt like I was breathing with bricks and the muscles around the lungs hurt.

I thought this due to the cold and went to work, but it got worse and I could feel a block (that was the best I could describe it as I tried to breath in.) I started to take deep labored breathes, as little ones weren't cutting it.
obviously I couldn't work so I left to see my doc.

As you can imagine I figured I had an infection of some sort from the cold
and it has caused the problem

Well the Doc does the usual gambit, but he tells me that my oxygen is good 99% and there is no wheezing anywhere in the lung and I shouldn't be breathing like this. He asks me if it can be stress.

I wanted to hit him, Though I know what he meant too, it sounded like I was hyperventalating myself. I told him I thought the good oxygen has to be because I am breathing so forcefuly. I explained that over the summer I had wheezed a bit on occasion and felt my lungs tight but it went away if I waited it out. He thought alergies

He sent me for an X-Ray and some bloodwork, but before I left he did a nebulizer (spelling?) treatment on me. Wow what a differnce, everything opened up and I could breathe again. It was like someone took the block away in the middle of me.

I started breathing and talking normally. I went for the bloodwork and xray, nothing. He gave me a script for liquid abueterol and shrugged and said maybe that will help.

That night my chest starting getting all stuck again, so I took the abueterol and it helped. This morning I awoke and felt all winded. I took the medicine again and it helped. I am not as good as I was with the neb thingy, but at least I can talk and function.

Okay my question?

Can you have asthma, feel a blockage, feel like your breathing with bricks, can't catch your breath but have perfect O2 and no wheezing what so ever?

It sounds impossible, and I swear I am not making this up or causing myself to do this. Though I think the Doc thinks so.

My brother and mother have asthma, but I have been asthma free for 42 years. I do not smoke, or drink or anything.

He only gave me a month's supply of medicine, what happens when I run out?
I suppose it could be just a cold, but I have never had a cold that gave me trouble breathing without a really bad congested cough. I cough allot but its always a dry one.


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