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My son just turned 8 last month. After problems with asthma as a baby and younger child, he seemed to turn a corner last year and we really thought he outgrew it. He was weaned down over time from Flovent 110 to Flovent 44 and then was taken off to see how he did. He stopped Flovent in April. He did fantastic all summer, swam for the swim team and did well.

September comes and he goes back to school and he starts with a lot of bellyaches which I attributed to nerves. Then he vomits a little here and there. Then te school nurse calls one day and says 'he is not moving air', but he looks fine, his color is good, etc, and and to bring his inhaler in (he hadn't used his inhaler in years and we had thought were done with it'. I told her I only had an old one and that I'd pick him up and take him to the doctor. Turns out the pedi wouldn't see him til 7 that night and by then he was completely clear.

This starts happening every other day at school, but not really at home. We've had a very warm and humid fall and that was always a trigger for him. The school nurses have been wonderful and they are assessing him three times a day - 1st thing in the morning, before lunch and after recess. We are noticing that he goes from being completely clear to not moving much air at all in a really short period of time. The school nurses seem baffled by him, they say he doesn't show signs of asthma at all but when they listen to his lungs he really is not moving a lot of air at all.

He wound up in the ER at Children's Hospital on Monday to hopefully get some answers about this. He was given Xoponex (Albuterol is a horrible drug for him, makes him tachycardic, red-faced, vomits) inhalers and oral prednisone, double dose. He was not moving much air all day and they were talking about admitting us. He doesn't exhibit usual asthma symptoms and his pulse oximetry was always 98 to 100.

My questions are:

1. His biggest asthma complaint is that his stomach hurts and he has had some vomiting with it recently and years ago, as well.[B]QUESTION[/B] Does anyone have stomach issues while having asthma attacks?

2. Is it usual to go from completely clear to not moving air in the span of 35 minutes spent in the classroom. Is he just really reactive. He doesn't seem to wheeze, just goes right into tightening up. [B] QUESTION:[/B] Because of this happening mainly since school started, I have begun to wonder if he could be allergic to something in class. Does that sound feasible and has anyone ever had anything like this happen to them.

3. Yesterday after being clear at 9:00 a.m., he went into the nurse short of breath with chest tightness and belly pain at 9:35. She said he had decreased breath sounds and gave him his Xoponex inhaler. He was back at 10:10 still not feeling well. She assessed him again, his spirometry actually dropped 100 points from 270 ish to 150ish after the Xoponex and his chest sounded worse. She kept him in the air conditioning for awhile and then gave him a snack and he sounded better. She checked him later in the day and he was okay. MY[B] QUESTION[/B]: Why would he be so much worse 30 minutes AFTER Xoponex.

4. The nurses keep asking me if he had a chest x-ray because his lungs sound 'dense'. I asked the Pulmonologist at his appt and in the ER and was told both times that they don't generally do chest x-rays for asthma, it doesn't usually show them anything, etc. [B]QUESTION[/B] Is there a reason I should keep pushing the chest x-ray issue?

His medications right now are oral prednisone, Flovent, Allegra and Xoponex as needed.

Thanks so much for any help.


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