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I was given a 250mg solu-medrol injection on Monday around 3pm for bad asthma. I was then prescribed prednisone to help w/my asthma (in addition to my normal singulair and advair and albuteral inhaler) as I recover from a bad flu. I was told to take 60mg every morning for 5 days.
I've taken pred. before and never have felt this bad from it before. I have severe headaches and severe dizzyness.
I go to the county clinic and have been trying to get in touch w/my doctor all week and she never has called me back and now they are closed on weekends.
Right now I finally feel better (after almost 24 hours), but I'm supposed to take another dose this AM (in about 3 hours). I don't want to. I don't want to take any more of these pills. I feel good now.
I cannot function on these pills.
I'm afraid if I go to the ER they won't help me, because right NOW (as the pills' effects are finally dissapating) I don't feel bad. But if I take them and feel bad again, I cannot drive myself to the hospital.
Please help!! What should I do?
Can I just not take the last 2 days worth of the pred? I'm supposed to go to work today and tomorrow, and I need to 'cause I've missed ALL week due to this horrible horrible dizziness.

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