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My two year old daughter has asthma that seems to be triggered by respiratory infections. She has been in the Emergency Room two times in two months with rapid/noisy breathing that required hour-long albuterol treatments and oral prednisone. A specialist has recommended we give her Pulmicort once a day throughout the winter. Beyond the common side effects of dry mouth and thrush, I am hearing rumors that Pulmicort can cause strange behavioral side effects in children. (irritability, mood swings, and mania) I would like to try the Pulmicort-I don't want her to end up in the ER every time she gets a runny nose this winter. I realize albuterol and oral prednisone have serious side effects, too. Any advice? Any stories? Thanks!
Hello, My daughter is 2 , and has asthma to! Shes been hospitalized 3 times, last time she was in intensive care. They just put her on Pulmicort last month and so far so good!! She seems to be doing very well with it. We rinse her mouth out and wash her face after every treatment. She doesnt seem to have any side effects.

I know prednisone is a life saver when you need it but the side effects are horrible , shes a different person when shes on prednisone. almost like jeckel and hyde.
My son is two also and was diagnosed with asthma about two months ago, although his first attack was back in june. He gets it when he's sick or running too much and has bad allergies to dogs/cats, anything outdoors, basically anything living (although we haven't done testing yet, he'll get rashes, etc.) We started pulmicort a few months back at the same time we started singulair. He has been more extreme in his the littlest thing will set him off and he'll throw hour long screaming fits. Very difficult and I don't know if it's the singulair or pulmicort. The albuterol makes him very hyper, but not moody and when he was on albuterol, pulmicort AND prednisone he was a maniac!!! Anyway, I would try the just with a cold treatment and see how that goes for you. In the long run attitude changes are difficult, but better than a severe attack. Good luck!!!
I haven't read the other posts, but here's my story. The same thing happened with my two year old. He was finally put on Pulmicort which has helped TREMENDOUSLY. His most recent cold I did not have to use any albuterol or prednisone, thank God!! The only thing is that at first they had him on the 50mg. of Pulmicort once a day and he was a maniac...much like the behavior he had when on the Prednisone...highly emotional, hour long screaming fits, nothing could calm him down. The new allergist lowered him to 25mg once a day and immediately he went back to being his normal fun loving self. So, I would deffinitly give it a try, but know that dosages may have to be adjusted (obviously depending on how well your child does breathing). We have barely had to use albuterol (which makes him crazy hyper) since being on pulmicort for about 3 months. Before Pulmicort, he was having several attacks weekly, and every time he got sick it would be a week of breathing trouble.
I know how encredibly difficult the decision is, but I think it's worth a try!!
I would suggest seeing an asthma/allergy specialist like we did with our toddler. (Your child's chronic cough could even be allergies. Was he tested?) He couldn't really tell us if our daughter has asthma or not, but he gave us an asthma action plan. Our pediatricians aren't very familiar with all of the meds and symptoms associated with asthma. Our two year old had pneumonia followed by severe bronchiolitis two months later. (Both times serious enough for an ER visit and 5 days of prednisone.) But I understand it is hard to continue with the nebulizer if your child doesn't have daily symptoms. I have to say that I totally recommend using the Pulmicort the way that my daughter was prescribed it. It has been over four months now since her last asthma attack. She has had a few serious colds this winter that went away on their own. We simply give her the Pulmicort as soon as we see a cold symptom and stop using it when the cold goes away. I am learning that most pediatricians don't believe in this method, but our specialist is all for it. Now that winter is almost over, I am all for it, too!

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