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[QUOTE=Jenn4508;3292805]The only med he is on now is advair and the prednisone as needed. I understand how you can get depressed and down and I understand the budgets also. He graduated from High School last year with honors and decided to take a year off and work. He works nights part-time all year and works a full-time job for about 8 months out of the year also. He is a trooper.

Please do your best to use the predinose as little as possible. My son was on them for 7 years straight and if I had it to do over, I would have done it differently.

As far as the nerves.... I understand how you feel but please do what you can to keep that from her as much as possible. When they have a bad attack and are upset, they sense everyone around them that are upset also and it makes it much worse for them. Stay as calm as possible and it will help her even more. I know it will be hard, but it was something I learned very early. She is also at the age that she knows how far she can push herself so you all need to let her do that. It will make her feel like she has some control over it.

I understand you prop her head up but you need to prop the whole head of the mattress. You can do it with old blankets or phone books and get it up about 10-12" and it should make a big difference. I did it even when my son was a baby in his crib.

You sound like a wonderful Grandmother. Remember though to let her do whatever she wants to do. You can't expect her to live in a plastic bubble. I refused to let mine. The docs in Denver said I shouldn't let my son go to my parents lake house as it was in the woods. My doc said that was ridiculous as he loved being with his grandpa. Why let him miss out on that. I didn't.

Hang in there and say your prayers.... I am sending my angels :angel::angel: to look over all of you. If she has been on these meds for a while and doesn't seem any better, I would tell the docs, time to try something else. If they don't want to change, find another doc. Fight for your Granddaughter. She deserves it. She should not be so stressed. Take back control and tell the docs that whatever that are doing is not working and it is time for a change.

Good Luck and God Bless.... Jenn[/QUOTE]

Hello, Jenn!

Hope you and your son are doing well. Thank you sooo very much for the angels, we need every one of them :) Took my girl back to the doc (allergist) yesterday just so I could confirm that the cough at nighttime IS GERD and not asthma. Sure enough, it's the GERD that's still acting up. We were told to just be patient and hopefully the Prilosec will kick in in about 10 more days.

You're right. My daughter and I try really hard to keep calm because as you said, the children feed off of our emotions. I asked her yesterday if she ever gets sad and she said no, but that I "hover" too much sometimes, LOL!

But, I know she misses her 100 lb. black lab. They would rip and run through the house all day, but now he and the other animals have been banished to the backyard and garage. She's an honor student also and a cheerleader. She loves her school and teachers (at least most of them), and the school has been very accomodating in our time of need.

We're going to try to find one of those wedges for her bed so that I don't have to worry about her upper body being too low. We have encyclopedias under her mattress now, but she still finds a way to slide off, LOL! She sees her pulmonologist on the 16th so hopefully she will be tapering off that prednisone even more.

It sounds like your son is doing fine healthwise, and yes he is a trooper. Gosh, he's a smart guy, but where does he find the strength to work that much??? It sounds like you guys make a great team. Here's wishing you and he a joyous and blessed Thanksgiving. I'm cooking a big dinner, but will have to modify it a little for my girl's sake. Take care.

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