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I have asthma and use an oral inhalent (Advair) and a nebulizer with Xopenex. This controls my asthma symptoms very well but although I have been on this same treatment for the past 7 years, recently I have had a problem with getting thrush. I have had a Thrush infection 4 times - each time it comes on in a day or two and is extremely difficulty to irradicate. I wanted to do something proactive and so I got another kind of nebulizer kit that allows me to breathe through my nose instead of my mouth. While I have not had another attack of Thrush my sinus membranes are very tender now. I am careful to rinse, gargle, and rinse my nose after I use the nebulizer but this does not prevent tenderness. Is there nothing one can do to prevent thrush from taking hold? Are there any other methods I should try?
Are you rinsing your mouth after using Advair? You're probably getting Thrush from that - from the oral steroid in it, not from the xopenix. If you have been rinsing, maybe you could ask your doc to switch you to a steroid that comes in a MDI - the canister - and of course a different long acting bronchodialator. That way, you could use a spacer with the steroid, which would reduce your risk of Thrush.
I agree rinse really well, not a quick rinse, rinse your throat and I brush!
Thanks so much to all of you :) - especially for pointing me in the right direction. I really like the Advair and have not liked the canister models so well. I will strive to rinse as thoroughly after I use the Advair as I do the nebulizer with Xopenex and I think I also may try the acidophilus. I appreciate your suggestions and if you think of anything else - please let me know.
If I were you, I'd stop rinsing the nose. That sounds incredibly uncomfortable and serves no purpose. The nebulizer kit that allows you to inhale the meds through the nose - ugh. That doesn't serve any purpose either, unless you simply prefer it that way. Rinse after the xopenix if you like, but there is no *reason* to do so - it's rinsing after the oral steroid (Advair for you) that's important...

Rinsing isn't a sure fire thing, but it definitely can work for some of us. I use Asmanex - oral steroid - at a very high dose (doctor recommended, btw). I am at high risk for thrush because of that, but the dentist just checked my mouth - no sign of thrush. I just rinse a few times each time I inhale (no gargling - ugh), but it does seem to work.

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