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HI i'm sitting at home after just having a rather nasty asthma attack that included my chest (primarily my broncile tubes) it felt like and lips went numb and tingly ..this was the first time ever for that symptom and I'm just curious to know if it was from lack of oxegen or something else ...I'm seeing my Pumologist next week and I'll ask him why it happened but it was kind of freaky .It took me a long time to get my wheezing under controll and my breathing is still very ragged . PLus I'm exhausted but that is normal after an asthma attack for me husband is still buggin me to go to emergency but today would be a nut house there so I'd rather stay here and keep taking my meds... So if you've had an attck woth tingling sensations let me know ...:P Thank you !! Happy Holidays to all.........
Hi there
The tingling you got is probably due to hyperventilation - when you breathe like this lots you blow of carbon dioxide. This means your carbon dioxide levels in your blood go down, and this has an effect on nerves (I won't bore you with how it does this, unless you really want to know).
I don't know what the guidelines are for severe asthma attack in Canada, but over here people are encouraged to come in - sometimes there is a specific reason for the really bad asthma attack. So maybe take your husbands advice?
Best wishes
You're not getting enough oxygen. You need to go to the ER. Eventually you'll pass out. I know because I've done it a few times. Are you seeing a specialist?
I would recommend getting a nebulizer for home. Same care an ER will do. Some things you need to realize is signs and symptoms. When to get help and when you are fine with what you have. In that attack, nearest ER.

I'm going to tell you about a true attack I had just so you realize the lack of oxygen is not a thing to wait on. I was on a city bus, went into a full blown asthma attack, so much smoke hanging on clothes of people triggered me. My inhaler was not working for me. I grabbed my cell phone and called my doctor office, I couldnt be understood, I couldnt make a full sentence. The busdriver was too busy driving, finally someone across from me asked if I needed help. I handed her my cell phone and got my state id out and handed it to her. She explained to the doctor office what was going on. They told her to get me in right away. So she gave me my cell and id back, and then she walked me to the bus to go to the doctor. The driver on that bus finally noticed something was wrong, and he jumped off the bus and got the transit cops. By then I was blacking out for a couple seconds every minute. A race against time. Cop comes, and starts asking questions to me like nuts. Course delaying me help too...anyhow, got lucky that lady saw the cop get on my bus and jumped off hers running to mine and yells at the cop saying I had to get to the doctor asap and she would go with me. Finally the bus moves. We get to the clinic. I handed the receptionist my insurance and my id then passed right out. Not sure how, but I landed in a wheelchair. I was waking up and I had already got oxygen going in my nose andthe nebulizer was being shoved into my mouth. I was told that day, if I came 30 minutes later, that is the next bus here, I would of died. Now, if you EVER and I do mean EVER have any signs of lack of oxygen and not responding to your inhaler--GET help right away! And if you dont have a cell phone, GET one. Last month i woke up at 3am in a severe attack. I was blacking out in my bed. Of course, my man was at work. I had my cell in reach and dialed 911. They located me through cell towers and my 10 minutes of trying to say where I live. Paramedics treated me right in my bed then rushed me to ER. You need to always be prepared. It can hit anytime of the day.
Thanks for the info! It definatly wasn't my first asthma attack but it was different with the tingling ! My worst one was last year in my doctors office and she had her secratary drive me to emergency becasue she didn't think the ambulance cpould get there fast enough . I've almost died a few times from asthma attacks so I should know better...right now I'm feeling crappy and I'm pretty sure if i feel like i did last night I 'll end up in emergency tonight ..I work in a hospital and spent yesterday and the day before in the emergency unit working 8 hours a day ..thankfully I'm off till Monday !So i will have time to rest up's abrand new job so no calling in sick..for 8 months atleast or my contract will not be extended ..I've been warned off to bed for me now .
Sorry for the late reply, Eng, but I have the same problem when getting a bad asthma attack triggered by irritants. My lips tingle and sometimes swell up. I'm usually left gasping for breath.

Usually it's following an attack triggered by an irritant like perfume, cigarette smoke or un-ventilated cooking fumes.

It could be the onset of anapylactic shock.

Best solution is to avoid the irritant things in the first place or to get away from them as soon as possible. I take a couple puffs of albuterol inhaler but that usually doesn't help a whole lot. Better than nothing, though. I go take a shower as soon as possible and wash the stuff out of my hair too and get fresh clothes.

I try sleep it off, but sleep is often very troubled in this condition.

A taper couse of Prednisone snaps me out of it real quick but that's my last resort.

I hate hospitals so would probably only go there strapped to guerny.

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