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I'm so sorry that you had such a bad time of it. I always read your posts with great interest because your asthma symptoms and medications are so similar to my own. Recently my singulair was changed to Zyflo Cr. The pulmonologist says this should work better for me than singulair. I just started on this new med yesterday so I'm not sure how effective it will be.

The Asthma Specialist at the lung center (2 doctors for asthma, lucky me) wanted me to start inhaling Lidocaine in my nebulizer several times a day to curb the coughing urge but my insurance wouldn't cover it. ($461.29 a month without insurance is a bit steep).

I sure hope you are able to get things under control. I will repost if I find this new med to be more effective.

BTW, have you ever passed out during a severe coughing attack? It has happened to me twice in the last year and that scares me a bit. One of my docs thinks my airway may collapse during attacks and the other just thinks it's due to strain. It only happened the 2 times but now I'm a little nervous about driving. I always hit the inhaler before driving and now pull over at the first sign of an attack.

Anyway, I will continue to follow your entries with interest.

Feel better,
Since my last major asthma attack that required emergency care in January, I have been having to use my Albuterol 3-4 times a day in addition to my Advair 500, Singulair and Tessalon Perles. I know that my asthma isn't under control right now. I called last week to get a referral to a Pulmonologist. I finally got a call back tonight and the soonest appointment I could get was May 1. That is 2 1/2 months away. At this point, I will continue with my current routine and trying to avoid triggers as much as possible. I can get emergency care if I need it. Still, May 1 is a long way off. My worst triggers of bad asthma attacks are the cold air and pollution in the air. By May 1st those won't be around. I wonder if the appointment will do me any good by then.
Am I a triplet here or something? In answer to the passing out question, that is a severe attack and needs serious medical attention asap. Yes, I've had them before. Talk about weird, but I had the same city busdriver to and from work, so one day I told him about my asthma. No kidding, month later, I saw him smoking on the other end of the bus station, I knew my asthma was bad. I went to him and held my inhaler up and he asked "Asthma?" and I shook my head yes. Then blank......Next thing I know he is holding me, and his cig is down on the ground burning. I'm looking at him like "what the... " and he was stuttering. Thank my lucky stars, that driver had gotten off work and just was waiting for his wife, and she drove up. He grabbed me (how embarrassing!) and loading me into his own private vehicle, and took me to the ER. I was given a nebulizer right away along with oxygen. Since then he helped me quit smoking as well. Turns out to be a good friend, and his wife now. By the way, I was given those Tess whatever pearls too, and they dont help me. I've discovered ricola Natural Herb cough drops help temporily. At my doctor appointment today, he told me to use the aero chamber (spacer) with the albuterol. Told him I didnt have one, and he told me to grab an empty toilet paper roll and use it as a spacer. It helps get the albuterol in better, and it works. Now if I only read mountainss post to me b4 I went to the doctor lolol I also have a friend who has attacks when the temp is too warm, perhaps maybe you need an in between temp??
I am glad you are getting some relief.

It seems that my Medrol pack is starting to help now. I haven't ever had much luck with the cough syrups in the past. That is why I am taking Tessalon Perles. I haven't figured out it is helping or not. So far I have only needed my Albuterol twice today. I stayed inside until this evening so that helped some. An inversion has officially set in here and we are now in red air quality days until at least Wednesday. The bad air is a definite trigger for me. I am hoping that the steriods and Albuterol will help keep things in check this week. Since it is a holiday, I am considering taking a daytrip tomorrow up into the mountains above the bad air. It will still be cold, but at least the air will be clear.

I don't have a nebulizer. I have only ever used them in the doctor's offices. I haven't been able to get my PCP doctors to prescribe one yet. I plan to bring it up at my Pulmonologist appointment in May. May not need it by then though unless there are alot of wildfires this summer.
Do ask your pulmonologist about a nebulizer. For me, they work so much better than an inhaler when things are bad. Inhalers have worked for me, but nebulizers seem to work faster. I think that I have been saved a trip to the ER on two occasions because I activated my action plan which called for use of the nebulizer.
I am considering getting a portable one.
Hope that you are doing better,
Monkey and Tom,
Thank you for your support. I am glad to hear you are doing better Monkey.

I had a much better day today. The steroids are helping alot. I am having a couple side effects with them, but I spoke to the doctor today and we decided it was better to finish off this course to treat the asthma. One of the good side effects of the steroids though was that my eczema is much better.

For the first time since mid January, I didn't need my Albuterol today even though the air quality here is horrible and getting worse. I just have to get through the rest of the week with this really bad air. I have been wearing a mask outside as a precaution. It doesn't look good, but if it keeps me from having another attack it is worth it. I have also been running my air purifier more to help.

I appreciate your input on the nebulizer. Not much I can do about it at this point, but I will definitely discuss it with my specialist at my May appointment.

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