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Well, you folks were right. I had planned on calling the doctor Friday, but then the office was closed Friday after noon, so I decided to just wait until Monday. I figured that I just had a cold and that could probably make it worse.

Well, I spent last night in the ER, my first time going in for asthma. They were great, didn't have me wait at all, but I was still there all night. I mostly cough with my asthma, and don't wheeze much at all. At first they seemed a little skeptical because I wasn't wheezing, but I was coughing so much I couldn't catch my breathe, and my numbers weren't good. I can't remember what they were because I was so focused on breathing.

I'm now doing a five day course of prednisone, and they gave me a peak flow meter. I have read the those are often less useful for people who mostly cough with asthma, but I think it could also be helpful for me to tell when I start having real problems. It was around 350 this morning--they said it should be close to 500--but takng albuterol helped.

I'm trying to rest and recuperate from the long night now. I feel pretty funky. The albuterol in the inhaler makes me a little shaky, but right now hands and forearms feel positively tingly, almost pins-and-needles feeling. I wonder if that's left over from all the albuterol or something? I had two breathing breathments, the first she said was a "high dosage" but I don't know what that means, and there was O2 in it. The second was just regular, same as I got in my dr's office. My throat and chest are incredibly sore, but feel surprisingly by around noon. I wonder if the prednisone is starting to work already.

Anyway, I'm now under orders to contact my doctor Monday, which I was gonna do anyway. I am thinking about contacting the dr on call to try to arrange to go in first thing Monday.

It's just frustrating because I'm already on Advair 250/50 and it doesn't seem my asthma is that serious generally, although it probably has been lately. I'm just not sure what the next step is, and I dunno if my doctor does either. Refer me to a pulmonologist maybe.

Anyway, thanks for your advice. Wish I'd taken it sooner...

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