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I am a 34 year-old female with no history of asthma except for a couple of cold weather induced "incidents" of trouble breathing, one in 1999 and a couple in 2003/2004 and never anything since. I hardly ever get colds and recently lost a lot of weight (40 pounds), started eating far healthier and juicing, exercising, lots of water, etc.

I felt like i was losing my voice last Friday night and it did seem to be laryngitis, which I get once a year or so. No big deal. Coudl feel throat mucus which I hate so I drank lots of water and took Guafinesin (however u spell that) to thin secretions. Then sinuses were messed up, like sinus infection with the sore throat/laryngitis. Didint think too much of it.

Felt some chills Sunday night and was kind of tired. Had a cough Monday and all this past week but felt it wasin my throat, very mucus-y in throat and me trying to cough it up. DId not realize it must have also been in my lungs at least in part.
Just figured I had some sinus infection with throat involved too.

Friday I was out driving somewhere and felt ill at ease. I have a long history of acid reflux disease and felt severe acid in my breastbone.... not long after, i had trouble breathing that I thought was just anxiety. Then I realized no, this was something more. My chest felt tight in the center, right behind breastbone, and I was having trouble breathing. Asked someone to call for help, 911 was called and i was finally taken to hospital. They said I was having an asthma attack though never in my life has anything like that happened.... i was in serious distress and frightened/alarmed.

They gave me 2 Nebulizer treatments and some Prednisone with a RX for an Albuterol inhaler and more Prednisone for a few days and to follow-up with my Primary doctor.

My question is, I have had severe reflux for YEARS and never had any asthma from it in my life. I definitely felt bad acid in my chest just prior to this attack on Friday plus i was recovering from this sinus/throat/cough thing.... Do u think this asthma attack was an isolated incident based on my illness and the acid just kind of put me over the edge? Like my lungs were already messed up due to infection/whatever this whole thing has been, and the acid irritated the lungs further, causing a full-blown (and my FIRST EVER full blown) asthma attack???

I feel better today, a few days after the bad attack but I am shaken and worried that I have asthma now or something. IN the past, i have never had asthma when i had a cold or infection or anything else, this was truly a new thing to happen to me. I dont even get coughs hardly ever.... usuaully my stuff is all sinus or throat when i get it (I have post-nasal drip and have for years and again also the reflux badly).

Any advice? I am nervous and fearful, afraid of having another attack. I dont see how anyone can live this way, i am afraid to even leave the house now.



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