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Xolair helped my asthma about on par with Prednisone and it kicked in pretty fast, within weeks, although some people report it taking a long time to start working.

After one year on Xolair I had become almost completely insensitive to attacks from allergies including mold but Xolair has had little effect on asthma attacks from irritants such as perfumes although my reactions to the irritants is more subdued.

I also take Advair, Spiriva, Zyrtec and Uniphyl and each of these contributes enough to breathing quality that when I stop taking them I can tell.

But I've not touched Prednisone in over a year and I attribute that to mostly to Xolair.

Problem with Xolair is it's extreme cost. For now, my insurance covers it but if I loose my insurance there's no way I can afford it.

I also keep my bedroom clean as possible, change linens often, run a room air cleaner and keep the dog out of the room and I think all those things help.

I work at keeping my airways open but it pays off. I live a pretty much normal life and with asthma under control a trip to the ER is the last thing on my mind.

Having a good doctor is probably the most important of all, though. Everyone's treatment program has to be tailored to their unique situation and that's where the guidance of a good doctor is essential.

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