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Asthma and humidity
Jun 24, 2008
Does anyone have asthma attacks related to high humidity? What relief can a dehumidifier provide?
i haven't tried a dehumidifier.
i haven't actually heard of many people who's asthma is triggered by humidity, too--mine is.

i was just recently told i 'might' have asthma and was put on salbutamol--there was a day when our humidity was really bad--i used it four times that day . . .

if you try the dehumidifier, let us know how it works!
best of luck.
Or you can try using the A/C in your house or car (if you have it).
I have ordered a dehumidifier; it should come tomorrow. I have the airconditioner running full blast; my husband just brought home an allergy filter for it. For a while I've suspected that high humidity triggers my asthma so I began monitoring the humidity. On days when it's up around 70 or fixing to rain, I really suffer. Then a couple of days ago, I felt better and checked to find the humidity down to 43. I asked about my doctor about a dehumidifier and he said he thought it might help. For a long time I didn't think I had asthma because my breathing tests don't show much lack of breath ability and I don't really get a lot of relief from albuterol. I have to take it all day when I'm suffering. So I'm looking forward to getting the dehumidifier and will let you know the results.
I really hope you get relief from it - I am anxious to hear your results. My breathing is the WORST when its humid out -- its just AWFUL.... As soon as a storm hits and breaks the humidty I can breath better. I really hate this time of the year here because there are a LOT of humid days :(

Best of luck to you and MUCH RELIEF.

This is a timely topic. I have been trying to recover from an asthma flare following a URI. The infection is history (I hope) but I still have 10 days on my pred taper.
Today I was home in the a/c when my daughter called and said she was out of gas. I left the house to help her but while fooling with the gas can at the station, the heat and humidity caused me a lot of problems. My daughter had to finish filling the can and putting it her car herself. I literally had to sit in my car with the a/c going full blast.
I was surprised at how quickly I had trouble. So I agree that heat and humidity play a big role in asthma flares. I would suggest that we all watch out for ourselves both inside and outside.

Oh, and I would further suggest that we all keep an eye on the air quality alerts.

Humidity more than heat has always been my main trigger for asthma since I was first diagnosed with it in 2000. I forget which site I read on asthma triggers but they included humidity. Two years ago I was so afraid of heat/humidity/a room being stuffy, I would have the door opened. Example: when I went to my ENT the exam room was small and I would always ask him to keep the door open; I didn't care if someone heard my situation. A nurse at another dr's office also said she felt some asthma symptoms when it was hot/humid. Finally: when ever temps and the humidity soar, the weather services will issue air warnings for everyone but especially for those with asthma. :rolleyes:

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