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What did I do?
Jun 30, 2008
Well I have asthma and have had it since I was 5. Now I am 29 and I have a problem right now.

For the last 4 years I have gotten Pneumonia and I usually end up in the emergency room getting treatment. Always goes away. Not this year.

I got sick about 2 months ago and it went away but I was left with flim so I just tried to cough it up. Didn't happen. About a month of this I got a nebulizer and that didn't help to break it up and get loose either. Then I bought some Mucinex. That didn't help either. Now I could still cough some stuff up but nothing major.

As of 3 weeks ago my asthma or this whatever was so bad that my wheezing would wake me up just because it was so loud. I finally went to the doctor after it has been 2 months. They didn't say what was wrong but gave me a z-pack and Prednisone. She also said I needed to get an extra and be back in 2 weeks.

Well it has been a week and I am finished with both meds and I am only maybe slightly better if that. I was hoping I wouldn't have to spend money out of my pocket for x-rays but looks like I will.

So, here are my questions.

Does prednisone continue to work a few days after you are done taking it and this might clear up?

Can pneumonia be permanent and not go away? (Sometimes I feel like there is no flim and then it appears out of no where)

Does a chest x-ray provide that much information into what is going on?

Thanks for the replies, also excuse the spelling I just don't want to look up the correct spelling right now. I am just taking a short break here.

Thanks, Jason

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