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I've been having problems breathing for the last month or two, and I went to see my doctor today and she thinks I have allergy induced asthma from mold (I'm working in the mountains, living in a tiny cabin which is super old and does have a lot of mold =() She gave me Advair 100/50 for every day and then a rescue inhaler in case I need it.

I was wondering, she told me just to take it for the next 3 weeks (because I will only be living there for another 3 weeks and then I will be coming home to go back to school). Theoretically, since I'm allergic to the mold, will my asthma symptoms go away when I come home and move out of the cabin? That's what my doctor told me, and that's what I'm hoping, but I'm still nervous. Also, I've read on here that Advair can cause weight gain... I'm really nervous taking it now (I will anyways of course) because I recently lost a lot of weight and have been keeping it off and I really really do NOT want to gain weight. How much do you think I may gain in a month? I know every person is different, just wondering though. And I know 3 weeks isn't a big deal, but I'm just super paranoid.

Also... maybe a dumb question, but how do you know you're having an attack? Will I just know if I have one? Could I have already had one? Sometimes it's really bad and I can really not breathe, but I've never had the wheezing or anything else except shortness of breath and trouble swallowing. When it's really bad am I having an attack then?

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