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I haven't had problems with allergies until this spring, and I haven't had trouble with asthma until this summer (I get very mild asthma when I have a respiratory virus or something, but it didn't used to bother me at any other time). I went to see my allergist earlier this week, and they tested me for allergies using the injections and everything (I'd had scratch tests before), and I'm getting allergy shots on monday.

They did the spirometer (?) test for the second time, and apparently it was a LOT worse than the first one (the first one was pretty much normal, and was only about a month ago). They gave me a shot of prednisone, which did help for about two days, even though I still coughed some. They also changed my nasal spray and put me on a new inhaler (symbicort, along with the tube thing that attaches to it).

Today my asthma has been so much worse. I've had coughing fits very frequently, and when I do it's really hard to breathe because I KEEP coughing. I'm dizzy, lightheaded, my chest is hurting. I'm not sure what to do. The doctor's office is closed, but I really don't think it's serious enough to go to the hospital.

The doctor said that allergy shots REALLY help allergy-induced asthma, but I doubt the first dose is going to do much. I can't take much more of this constant coughing. It's awful. Ideas?

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