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I am really sorry for posting so many times; I don't know what to do. I posted about the side effects of the nebulized albuterol yesterday, and thanks for the response--today I've used it three times, and haven't had too much trouble with side effects.

My asthma just sort of appeared several weeks ago. Not gradually, just one day I started coughing and the next I was having coughing fits and chest pains. Since then, it's getting much, much worse. I've had several bad asthma attacks since it first started.

I've got an at-home nebulizer now, and I've had to use it three times today. About an hour ago, I had a really bad scare. The worst asthma attack yet. I was breathing heavy and coughing for a few minutes, and then I just couldn't breathe. I started getting dizzy, my chest and ribs were killing me, and I felt like I needed to cough but I just didn't have the breath. I tried walking and I nearly passed out--everything was fuzzy and my vision kept getting black around the edges. All I could do was hunch over and try to get some air.

My mom and her friend got me to sit down near the air conditioner, and when I tried to ask my mom to get the nebulizer, I couldn't even talk. Every time I tried, I was gasping for breath. I've never been more scared in my life. All I could do was point and finally say "nebulizer" after several failed attempts. I had to get up and go get it, though I nearly collapsed when I stood back up. I felt a lot better after the nebulizer treatment, but it's still not quite enough. I'm not struggling to breathe, now, but it is VERY uncomfortable--normal breaths hurt, coughing hurts, I'm still dizzy from that episode earlier, and I feel like just moving in general is only going to exacerbate it.

My question is this: what else is there to do? What else CAN I do? I'm on symbicort day and night, the nebulizer treatments when I need them, and I'm on prednisone right now to get rid of the inflammation. What's the next step? Every doctor I've seen has only gotten this far--nebulizer treatment, prednisone, send me home. Isn't there anything further that can be done? It's unbearable. I never thought asthma could be such torture.

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