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Spasmastic Attack
Oct 8, 2008
Hi everyone, I'll just relay my story here and then ask my questions xD I apologize if it's a bit long.
I was born pretty premature, so naturally lung function was something to watch over the years. When I was about 4 I had 'reactive airways' to smoke from the fireplace. Apparently the inhalers didn't really help, but I was wheezing and coughing and everything. Never been to the hospital for it, however. It went away when I moved south at age 6, now 16 years old.
Last October (07) I began experiencing dypsnea (being out of breath), chest tightness/pressure, slight wheezing, and some coughing. It would get worse at night, and I would be winded walking up the stairs at school and such. It went away a bit about 2 months later, and I've now been experiencing similar symptoms for a few months.
I just saw the allergist on friday, and he diagnosed me with Exercise Induced Asthma because I was talking about how I would get out of breath during swim practice, (I'm pretty active) and walking up the stairs at school, but didn't talk as much about the daily, 24/7 symptoms because I couldn't remember the details as well. He gave me a ProAir HFA inhaler, put me on singulair, and gave me Patanase nasal spray for allergies. I've been keeping a Daily Symptoms Diary since friday, and it's really helped so far to pin point my symptoms xD.

What I'd like to know is:
About how long does it take to know if the medications are affective? I'm not sure if the inhaler is helping, and I have no idea if the Singulair even does anything. The Patanase I think is working though, but it'd be easier to tell if it was spring time when I get really watery eyes and runny nose. I know that the inhaler makes me shaky xD but I'm not sure if it's helping alleviate my symptoms.
Today the weather was rainy/stormy, dreary, and I couldn't stop coughing, and my chest hurts T.T. I used the inhaler like 9 times today, and it seemed to help a little, but I don't know how well because it didn't stop the coughing or make me breathe easy for very long, just a little. Today was the worst day I've had in a while, on the scale of 0-5 I'd say a 4, so if it were to seem affective, wouldn't this be the perfect time?

I did all of the tests at the allergy clinic and that one breathing test was hard to get right, but my scores were normal, but I have the symptoms of Asthma.. dypsnea, coughing, slight wheezing, sometimes I feel like I can't breathe or really get a good breath, it happens basically all day, seems to get worse at night, (but I don't wake up due to it) during certain weather, seasons, and due to strong smells, smoke, cleaners -> cause me to be unable to breathe. So I mean.. it would certainly seem to be asthma..?

Sorry for writing so much xD, thanks!

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