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Hi everyone,

I have been on the Advair 250 diskus for probably 6 or 7 years now. It works great for me, but I have a condition called Oral Lichen Planus which I have been told by my dentist is being caused by the inhaled steroid in Advair (it looks an awful lot like oral thrush, which my doctor said that Advair is known to cause--however I have tried many, many treatments for thrush for long periods of time, and nothing helped even a little bit--so it was then diagnosed as OLP instead). I asked my doctor a couple years ago about switching to a similar medication to keep my asthma under control (I only take one dose a day), but he said there's not really anything else out there that doesn't have that same component to it, that causes the lichen planus. However, I am now depsperate to get off the Advair, because the OLP is causing me serious grief, so I'm just wondering if anybody knows of anything else that I can bring up to my doctor to take instead? Any ideas are appreciated!! Thanks!

Whiskers :)
Ask your doctor about Symbicort. I used to get thrush so bad from Advair. Now I'm on Symbicort and I have not had any problems from it so far.
Thank you for the reply! I will definitely ask my doctor about that one.

Whiskers :)
I am on Symbicort too, but, like when I was on Advair, had recurring Thrush from the medicine so my doctor gave me a spacer. It's a plastic tube that your MDI attaches to (this works with the Symbicort type of inhaler, I don't think it would work with the Advair discus). Since I started using the spacer I haven't had any recurrence of Thrush, which is a big deal, because I was pretty regularly having issues with it before. It also seems to deliver the medicine more effectively deeper into my lungs.
[QUOTE=CatAngel;3825078]Ask your doctor about Symbicort. I used to get thrush so bad from Advair. Now I'm on Symbicort and I have not had any problems from it so far.

were you rinsing your mouth out each time with the advair??? Just started on says rinsing will prevent thrush...but not sure.
Yeah they say that it will prevent thrush, but it doesn't necessarily. When my doctor thought thrush was what I had he gave me a big lecture on rinsing after each use. But since then I've spoken to other people who say they rinse too, and it doesn't always help.

Just one of the unfortunate side affects, I guess! This is a real pain in the you-know-what, because the medication works so well for me... And I can't try a different med right now either because I'm currently 7.5 months pregnant, so I just have to deal with this non sense until after the baby's born.

Whiskers :)
Congratulations on your soon expected baby. I was hoping rinsing would make everything alright. Sounded too good to be true. I'm sure having all these problems while being pregnant is multiplied by 10. Hang in there.
My dr. switched me from advair to symbicort because of heart problems and I really like it. They are both for long term effects, but you can still feel almost immediate effects from symbicort as well. I really like that aspect of it because it makes your breathing feel refreshed daily. I used to use my rescue inhaler all the time and now that i have symbicort i rarely use it.
Advair also comes as an MDI, like rescue inhalers. Maybe you could see about that version and use it with a spacer. That way you wouldn't have to change meds.

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