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Thanks so much for all the posts. My son is on qvar and albuterol and does use the air chamber. We start him on the controller med(qvar) at the first sign of a cold. The asthma doesn't usually kick in until 2 or 3 days after his cold starts. Now that he has started kindergarten, he's catching something every couple of weeks it seems. He starts a cold with a runny nose for a couple days, then he starts a cough. The cough starts off very controlled and without any sounds of mucus, but as the day progresses, his coughing increases and becomes less and less controlled. The next day the coughing stays controlled, for the most part, if he's on the q var, but that's when he begins to have the crackling in his breathing and the cough turns from dry to mucus-y. Any type of exercise at this point just aggravates the cough. He uses the albuterol during those days when his cough becomes uncontrolled to the point that he's gagging and throwing up. He's usually that way for a couple of days, and then over the next 3 - 5 days his cough progressively decreases, and he recovers from the cold. It seems that some colds hit him harder than others, so sometimes his meds keep it controlled, sometimes it doesn't.
Thanks so much for the humidifier tip. We bought him one and he slept better through the night, which helped us all get sleep:).

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