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Ok, I have had pretty bad asthma for ages now and I find I use 10-12 Puffs of Ventolin pretty much every 3 or 4 hours. Is there a way of minimising the use of Ventolin as I'm almost immune to it. Is there anything bad about using too much of it?

Thanks for your help, if you could email me a response, that would be cool!

That is waaaay too much! Do you not have a daily med? You need to go back to your pulmonologist and get re-assessed. ASAP!
In Canada we call it an Asthma Action Plan and if you're asthma is out of controll (and babe it is if you're sucking back your vebtolin that much ) you should aske to be refered to an asthma specialist/plumologist , and they'll get you set up on one . It's really bad use your rescue inhaler so much that it doesn't work when your having an attack can be deadly( though we've ALL done it before). That is one reason not to over use your rescue inhaler but another really importan on is it deplets your potassiusm which is very very very (VERY ) bad ..I almost died from using my rescue inhaler too much and having a bad week of running to the bathroom wiht the diarreah(Sp?) due to IBS and the next thing I knew my heart was doing weird things and I was acting like a complete ditz...major signs of potassium depletion. A few more hours and I would have been husband now watches me like a hawk when i'm in flare up just in case it happens again...and it was an asthma attack then ended me up in the hospital ,,they checked my heart rate (very erratic) ...then my potassium. Any ways :) the main thing is take your rescue inhaler/ventolin as you need it but if you are taking it more than 2 or 3 times per day you need to get on a daily low dose advar or flovent:)good luck!! And remember asthma can kill you do get your tush to a doctor and get an asthma action plan ASAP!! Sorry for the spelling mistakes ..I'm in a rush on my way out the door...

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