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Hi Circus Flea,

As I posted above, my asthma symptom is a cough and my reflux symptom is a cough. Trying to identify what is triggering the cough can really be a challenge sometimes. That is why I have to work on treatments for both to get things under control. It can be really frustrating not being able to find a good answer. It can also wear you out with all the coughing. I also hated to make everyone around listen to my constant coughing.

The combination that helped me for a while was: Allegra, Astelin, Flonase, Singulair, Advair 500/50, Prevacid 2x/day, Albuterol. Prednisone when the asthma flared also. I supplemented with Gaviscon as well.

Tessalon Perle didn't really do much for me. Cough syrups didn't help either. Although, Hydrocodone did give me some temporary relief by just allowing me to sleep for a bit. It is narcotic strength though so I didn't take it much.

Nexium created a really, really bad experience for me. With the range of PPI's, people have different one's that they found work. For me, single doses no longer worked either. Taking one dose in the am and one in the evening helped some.

I've had a recent asthma flare due to a sinus infection. Other than that, I have been reflux cough free for almost 5 months since my surgery. That has been a blessing. I've had some bad digestive issues though as a result of side effects from when I was on Nexium last June though so I'm still not back to "normal" yet.

I'm also still on all of the meds listed above too. The exception is that I'm now down to Advair 250/50 and no longer take the Faviscon.

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