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Your symptoms sound pretty much like mine before I was diagnosed. With cough variant asthma, many times pfts will be normal. I can be coughing my head off & get great numbers. When I was trying to get a diagnosis, I was too sick to get any testing (methacholine challenge can confirm asthma if your pfts are normal), so my dr tried me on asthma meds,(prednisone, pulmicort, albuterol) & right away I began to improve. You are like me, when lying still, my cough would really ease up. The only thing I could do comfortably before I was diagnosed was sleep :-) Although you could still have gerd, normally you would be worse when lying down, not better. I totally understand your frustration. When I tried my first allergist, I told him my worst fear (which was the same as yours!) & he said "well, I guess it has come true, you are just going to have to get used to it !" I left his office in tears and coughed for another year until I stumbled across the allergist that finally diagnosed me. Do you have allergies? Or any family history of allergies/asthma? Maybe you could talk to your dr about trying you on asthma meds? Proventil is not really a preventative, maybe you could try a steroid inhaler or something to see if there is a change? Good luck to you, keep us posted. I have been where you are, keep pushing the drs to figure it out, for some reason they seem not to realize how disruptive constant coughing is to living your life.

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