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[QUOTE=MissAmethyst2U;4147294]Ok so I was diagnosed with asthma at age 20 and I am 26 now. I have never had any really severe problems other than a chronic cough. I have been to the ER once in those 6 yrs until recently. About two and a half weeks ago I started with a cold. Well a week into it I started feeling better and on the 11th I was ok besides I was a little hoarse and had a little bit of a cough but I noticed my asthma was flaring up a bit so I used my inhaler a couple times throughout the day. I went to a get together at my friends house and when I came home about 1130 that night I literally started with the worst attack of my life. I just couldnt move air in at all it seemed. I tried to start a Neb treatment but was soo out of breath I couldnt focus and once I got it going I wasn't really getting much of it in. Dad called 911 and I swear those 6 or so minutes seemed like an hr! The EMTs literally put O2 on me right away checked my lungs and out the door we went. I had a second breathing treatment on the way to the ER. My O2 was only down to 90 but to me it might have well been 0 is how it felt. Needless to say I spent the night in the ER and had more breathing treatments and shots and the doctor said it was triggered from a viral infection (the cold I had had)

I was sent home with Prednisone (started with 80mgs a day and weaned down over 9 days) and was told to continue my Advair I take and do Neb treatments every 3-4 hrs. I wasn't any better and the hospital actually called me that Monday and told me they were making me a followup appt with a doctor. I went to her and she didn't like my cough but my lungs were clear. She told me to keep up the Prednisone and all and see her back in two days. Went back Wed and they put me on an antibiotic (Z-pack) "just to make sure" as my lungs still are clear. I also was able to get my Singulair filled for the first time in almost a yr so I am now back on that. She took me off the Neb treatments as I have some heart issues too and it was causing my heart to act up a bit. She said to continue using my inhaler every 4 hrs as needed.

Well, I am now done with all my meds and continuing my Advair and Singulair and all but I am STILL having lots of tightness in my lungs it feels like and just can't hardly speak a sentence without getting short of breath. Also, to get up and do anything around the house makes me short of breath as well. I have had to use my inhaler twice today and even do a Neb treatment a lil while ago. I am at a loss here and I hate to keep running to the doctor when I don't have insurance. It starts to get expensive and I already have an almost $5000 ER bill now to pay for :([/QUOTE]
Four years ago i had bad attacks that sent me to the hospital i spent time in the hospital and was on oxygen for a few months i was in and out of er doctor gave me singular and asmanex inhaler and i havent had a attack since, untill my copd got worse and the doctor precribed a foradil inhaler since then i have had a few attacks a couple of them was bad i think the foradil inhaler is causing this.

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