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Severe asthma attacks can be really scary.

I too take Advair and Singulair. When my asthma flares, I go on Prednisone. Typically, it is about 10-17 days at a time, depending on which doctor I see. It is my Pulmonologist who puts me on the 17 day tapers when my asthma is bad. I also end up using my inhaler a lot and ofter end up on antibiotics as well.

It sounds like your asthma if far from being under control. I hate to tell you this, but it really would be good to see your doctor again.

Do you know what triggered this attack? Is it something you are still exposed to? I know cold air and pollution are killers for my asthma. I have both here right now. Infections also lead in to bad asthma flares for me also.

I've had periods of time when my asthma is flared like yours and I end up at the doctor up to a couple times a week. I once asked my doc if I was being a hypochondriac, but she said that my symptoms were very real and we needed to work together to get things under control.

I also carry around an Epi-pen with me. It isn't just for allergy attacks. It can also be used in a severe asthma attack. It helps open up the airways quickly and gives you time to get emergency care. I had one given to me at my doctor's office a couple years during a very severe attack and within 10 minutes, I was back breathing better. That was my scariest attack ever. I couldn't talk and my fingers, lips and toes were tingly and turning purple because of lack of oxygen. I was stupid not to go to the ER, but when I started for the care it wasn't that bad. The ephinephrine helped open things up fast and saved my life. Might be something you want to ask about.

Good luck getting things back under control.

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