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[QUOTE=nsz;4190423]Dear Mountain Reader,

I was happy and sad at the same time upon reading your thread. Happy to see that others have similar problems, but very sad to hear that the doctors can not cope with the fight against your asthma.

My son, who is 3 years old, also has constant caughing due to his asthma. His main triggers are viral infections and cold air. He has been constantly caughing for 7 weeks now. We haven't been sleeping for so long now and my frustration just keeps growing. I am truly angry and frustrated! It is really tough not being able to do anything and seing your child suffer.

We live in Hungary and am in a "lucky" situation as there are many pulmonologists whom I can take him to. 3 different specialists and two pediatritians have seen him in the past weeks, but neither have been able to find a solution for stopping his caughing fits. His caugh is really hurting him, he shows me that the pain is worst in his neck. He hasn't been attending kindergarden for 7 weeks now. I really do not know what we will do if his asthma remains the same in the school years.

The idea with the face mask seems good! I will get him a ski hat, may be that might help.

Keep us updated on the reflux topic. My son is said to have reflux, which might have been triggered by all the asthma medication he has been taking. He now takes medication for reflux too. All sad stuff, but if at least the medication would help...

Hang in there!

All the best!
I know it is not good for them, but my child is 7 and has gone through this alot. anyways the only thing that helps her stop coughing is prednisolone, it is a steriod but it does work, we have ended up in er alot with asthma attacks and guess what they always give her, that pred, she is also on advair 45/21, singular 5mg,and now zrytec. well i hope this helps you. i know how it is when the cough for days every min on the min, it does drive your crazy that you can not stop the coughing for them,Kathy (ash777)

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