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I'm pretty new to the board and have been really struggling-in more ways than one. I've NEVER had any health problems other than migraines and now asthma. I'm having a pretty terrible time getting it under control because I've had such terrible allergic (literally life threatening) reactions to so many meds we've tried.

I'm currently on TONS of meds and am finally making some progress, but I was curious if anyone else was on so many meds. Here's the growing list-
Singulair tabs every morning
Protonix every morning
Alvesco inhaler twice daily
Spiriva every morning
Brovana neb twice a day

I add Xopenex 30 min. before exercise and keep Ventolin as a rescue inhaler.

They tried me on Advair and Symbacort-both with severe reactions. Thankfully I manage a dr. office and he was able to get me through both reactions with injections of epi and some oxygen for a while. It wasn't pretty.

Before we added the Brovana, I was always right on the edge of a flair up and the least little thing sent me down to the point it too a medrol pack to get me back. At least with the Brovara, my peak flows are up almost 60 points and I don't seem to flair up nearly as often.

I've had allergy testing and everything comes back clear. I keep a daily diary to find some of my triggers, which has been very helpful. I learned to do this with my migraines and just added the asthma to it. Cold weather and dust seem to be my biggest two.

Is anyone else on this many meds? I"m just having a hard time dealing with all of this. I had enough over the weekend and just stopped taking everything. I know better, but I was fed up. Lessons learned-won't make that mistake again!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the reply-I didn't realize you were in Birmingham also.

The Protonix is for GERD. I have no symptoms of GERD, but my doc explained that you can have "vapor acid reflux" and not know it. He's throwing everything he can at my asthma and then we will back off of things one at a time. I'm only on the Protonix for 2 months-I hope.

I can't use the Xopenex or Ventolin only-I've tried. The xopenex takes almost 30 min. to work on me-not good for a rescue inhaler! However, the ventolin takes less than 5, but doesn't last nearly as long for me as the xopenex. My karate class is 2.5 hours, so I need something that's going to last a while. That's why we do the xopenex as a pre-med and keep the ventolin for rescues.

I don't currently see a pulmonologist. My GP said if this doesn't get it under control, then that's the next step. I've had an allergy screen done and it came back clear. The big problem is all of my drug allergies. Most of the time if I have a problem with a drug, it hits my lungs with bronchial spasma-not great with asthma! It's been trial and error for most of the meds we've found to work. What I have seems to work really well. Once the Brovana was added, my peak flows went from 470's to 560's. Since 450 seems to be my thresh hold for problems, that's a huge improvement. It's just a pain having to use a neb twice a day.

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