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I did see my endodontist, and he agrees that the gum area is better than before and that the Advair must have caused the repeated pain, swelling, bleeding. He offered to extract the tooth for free, because his operation didn't work...and he now says there is a crack in the root that will keep it from ever completely healing probably

but I can keep the tooth as is, with some infection, but no swelling or pain: he says it won't spread to other teeth or to the bone

but I obviously can't go back on Advair

So I am now on Theophylline, which I had to yell at my doctor to get: 300 mg twice a day... on that dose I have killer headaches: migraine-like

so I am experimenting with taking 1 tablet cut in half, twice a day

okay, but am now back to using albuterol a lot and am short of breath a lot

I don't like it, is there anything else? I see many drugs mentioned here, I guess I need to go back to my asthma doc....

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