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My 14 year old daughter, with variably controlled asthma got her first real acute asthma attacks after taking Advair consistently for 8 weeks. She said she has never experienced what she experienced the other day, an almost total inability to inhale, or talk, etc. Most of her symptoms in the past have been the wheezing, slowly decompensating variety, an always associated with a cold or allergen exposure. It is true that when she begins to decompensate she can land in the hospital for a few days.

Of course the pulmo doesn't think there is a connection but after all I've heard (including the adverse affects on African-Americans) I'm very leery of continuing the Advair. I realize that her hospitalizations indicate strict management is required.

I want to propose an alternative, but my daughter has had limited success with Flovent in the past, although that might have been due to compliance issues because of her youth. She is more responsible and we have been increasing the level of supervision around her meds.

Any suggestions before I get in front of the doctor next week?


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