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[QUOTE=sophiemaison;4646855]Hi all,
I have never really been given a concrete 'yes' that my symptoms are asthma, which worries be a great deal. Earlier this year I started getting short of breath, worse on exertion. GP did a spirometry which was normal, then referred my to a cardiologist in investigate for primary pulmonary hypertention (10 year prognosis) - obviously scared be to bits as I have a 2 year old daughter. During my wait for the cardiologist i came off my ventolin despite my syptoms as i figured it was heart related. I started to decline, and in four days I had constant chest pain, extreme fatigue, palpitations after walking 5 meters, and severely short of breath. After resuming the ventolin I started feeling better significantly. My heart echo turned out normal. My symptoms are triggered by excersie, I get extreme fatigue, chest tightness, and short of breath. I saw a respiratory physician 1 month later during which time I was on a heavy dose of symbicort. By the time I came to see him, I felt very well under control. He did a spiromentry (normal) and then a mannitol test (normal) after I continued to complain of excercise induced symptoms. He does not seem convinced I have asthma, and thought he might 'cure me' - but after two months of being symptom free without meds, my symptoms are now back. I have never had a cough, or a wheeze... could it be something else? I do feel that I respond well to symbicort and ventolin. When I miss it I become stupidly fatigued the next day. The only concrete 'evidence' I have is a raised eosiniphill count. I also had critical asthma as a baby. Can anyone offer their advice to rest my mind?

Thank you.[/QUOTE]

Hi:) We're pretty much in the same boat...are stories are actually very similar. I've been through this stuff all started out with high bp which I've been officially diagnosed with...told my dr I had really bad tightness in my chest, bad coughing when swimming and then started having a hard time climbing stairs, grouchy, dizzy, racing pulse etc....he said it sounds like asthma (which I too had severely as a small child) I did the lung function test (along with an ekg and an echocardiogram..I was too scared to DEATH I had something deadly, I have 3 little kids but those were fine except for a high pulse rate) the lung function went "great" according to my doctor except there was a small change after the albuterol was given...respiratory therapist said it was a "signifigant" change..dr said it was a small change:confused: I don't know who to believe there....but I know how I feel and it was like CRAP...I felt worlds better after the albuterol.....sooo long story short, my dr gave me a prescription for albuterol ...I feel like I'm stuck in limbo "mild" asthma doesn't seem so mild:dizzy: I'm not even sure if I have an official diagnosis....I think my doctor is going to check back in with me in a few days, I'm going to tell him I think it's worse then he saw on the test...

If you had it as a baby it's very possible for it too come back....I don't think doctors should just look at the spiro and go by that..sounds like you have asthma to me, have you tried calling your doctor back and talking to him/her?

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