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Nope. Not unless I'm recovering from an exacerbation. Exercise is not usually a trigger for me, unless there's something else going on. I occasionally have some excess mucus production and very mild chest tightness when I'm running, but it is rare enough that I take albuterol as it occurs instead of pre-medicating. I am on Advair 250/50 or 500/50 (I've switched back and forth a couple times, depending on how long to take for symptoms to go away) and it seems to keep exercise from triggering symptoms most of the time.

My asthma is weird. I'm probably the healthiest person my pulmo sees regularly--except when I'm not. For weeks at a time, I'm more like a severe asthmatic in that I have regular, persistent, difficult to control symptoms. One or two puffs of albuterol helps a little, for a little while, but it can take days of frequent albuterol use to get better. And then I'm fine, no albuterol at all for months.

Thread veer about my own personal weird flavor of asthma follows:

If I am exposed to a trigger (for me, weather, smoke, some fragrances, and sinus infections/colds), then exercise worsens any reaction I may have. I can run indoors without albuterol and can stand next to a smoker, most days, without much of a problem, but if I trying running on a treadmill next to smoker, I will likely have symptoms. Usually, though, some albuterol and I'm fine, as long as I stay on Advair, at least 250/50.

I've tried going down to Advair 150/50, with no success--symptoms return at least several times a week. I very rarely have very severe symptoms; When I do have an exacerbation, I'm more apt to slowly deteriorate over several days/weeks until I have continuous moderate asthma symptoms, like frequent coughing and sob, and my heart/resp rate goes up. My usual resting heart rate is about 55 (this is because I run so much); the past two weeks when I've been having increasing asthma symptoms, it shot up to the mid-90's and has stayed in the 90-110 range for quite a while. I often will not get back to normal even after several days/weeks until I up the meds/do several days of regular nebs/do a prednisone burst. I guess I have "mild persistent" asthma--which is not an official type at all.

I guess it figures that the trade-off for not having to be especially concerned about ending up hypoxic with any given attack is ending up with pluerisy like I have now, the result, it appears, of having asthma symptoms for an extended period of time while having URI and stuff going on too. :/ (The pluerisy is starting to feel better, and is controlled with ibuprofen). Of course, I am aware that any asthmatic can have a sudden severe attack at any time, but I seem to be the master of the long, slow asthma attacks--maybe because I do have freakishly good lung capacity/function?

This is probably why I didn't even see a doctor until I'd had symptoms almost continuously for over a year and a half. When I finally did go in, my spirometry results were not good, but not terrible, and I was "moving air," but I kept getting into a tripod position to try to breathe, and couldn't sit still in a normal position at all. It took about six months, iirc, at Advair 500/50 and singulair and frequent albuterol use to stop having daily symptoms--coughing, shortness of breathe, mucus, etc. My PCP referred me to a pulmonologist when I kept having relatively minor daily symptoms, despite upping the asthma meds. The pulmo determined not to do a methacholine challenge because I seem to take forever to recover from any provocation, but diagnosed asthma anyway. Eventually, symptoms went away and I titrated down to just one daily med.

I am frequently tempted to not keep up with asthma meds, and have been lax about it at times. I've also gotten away with it, sometimes for weeks at a time, even with exercise. This is probably not a good thing, as eventually, it catches up with me and I end up living like someone with moderate/severe asthma for weeks. I can't quite wrap my mind around very often needing absolutely nothing at all and being just fine, and yet keeping inhalers handy, taking Advair, maintaining a nebulizer and ensuring I have nebulizer solutions on hand--but when I need them, I need them, or I end up sick for a long time. More than once, I've seriously questioned if i actually have asthma, or if it's all my imagination, and to be honest, I still do, but I've more or less resolved to go with the pulmonologist's opinion on this matter, as he is more qualified than I to make that determination. :)

It's weird being me.

Sorry about the long thread veer. Having weird-type asthma messes with my head.

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